Mobile Banners

For such a small format, mobile Rich Media can be frustratingly complicated. RUC works with the latest mobile display development platforms, including Celtra, Bonzai and also bespoke HTML5 for tricky jobs that need a more custom approach.

RUC does mobile master builds, re-sizes, expandable units & video conversion from landscape to portrait. If you’re not sure if something is possible, we can run it by our developers and let you know what we can do.

Celtra specialists

With Celtra being the current “weapon of choice” for serious mobile Rich Media development, RUC has an expert team who know the platform inside out.

Vertical video

Thanks to Snapchat the demand for expertise at editing video for vertical layouts has exploded, and RUC have been doing them since the fuss began.

Custom HTML5

With mobile hardware, operating systems & apps evolving so quickly, RUC has completed many mobile Rich Media projects that required complex custom HTML5 to succeed.