RUC has had its fair share of unusual requests over the years. And we’ve managed to prove our usefulness more often than not. Whether it’s a high-volume asset production gig, a tricky coding job for a rare media platform, or something completely left-field… run it by RUC.

We’ll only take the work on if we’re 100% confident we can help, we’ll quote you a great price, and then we’ll deliver it on spec, and on time.

PDF Passion

The leading market comparison site in Australia wanted 193 PDF’s for 15 different companies, which were between 4 and 20 pages each, migrated into brand new design layouts… in 3 weeks. RUC fired up the overnight and weekend teams, and got the job done with no fuss.

Outlook Oddities

Australia’s fastest-growing specialist technology B2B marketing agency wanted to know if RUC could convert HTML files into MS Outlook OFT templates. We didn’t even know what an OFT template was… so we did our homework, then completed a tricky project that 4 agencies had said no to.

A Billion Banners

One of Australia’s largest streaming TV & movie companies asked if we could develop 200 display banners in 4 different sizes. We crunched the numbers, sharpened our pencils, lined up multiple work teams and then jumped at the chance. And less than a week later, we’d finished.